Rotate around selection with 3DConnexion SpaceMouse wireless

maybe only a newbie problem, but it would be great if you can help.
I’m using a 3DConnexion SpaceMouse wireless (firmware 4.38) with 3DxWare Vers. 10.2.1 on Blender 2.73a (MAC)
While “rotate around selection” is working with my mac magic mouse, it does not with the space mouse.
in 2.69 it was working as expected.
Do I need to set something special to get it working ?


no one having this problem ?

Probably because so few people own 3d mice.

What does it do when you “rotate around selection” with the 3d mouse,does it do nothing or does it do something unexpected?

It might just be set to “unassigned”,have you tried importing your old settings into your newer version of blender?

now, when I’m doing a “spin clockwise” or “counter-clockwise” the cube rotates around it’s own axis in 2.69 (as expected).
In 2.73 the cube moves from the left to the right (or from right to left) incl. the whole grid.
A bit hard to describe, hopefully understandable ?

This is how i had to set mine up to get it to work for me. However it still won’t rotate around selected.

The default functionality keeps getting changed for some reason as new Blender releases come out.
The rotation and translation can be activated individually with modifiers (SHIFT, CTRL, etc…) but if you delve into the preferences you can adjust this to your needs. See near the bottom of this page…

I need to update it for the latest Blender versions, but it should give you an idea of where to look to make the spacemouse act the way you want it to.