Rotate around the 3D cursor in Edit Mode.

Hi All,

I’m making the change from 3DS Max & Rhinocerous to Blender. It’s been 3 days so far and all has been well. Google, Youtube, the Blender Wiki, and the search function on this site have been serving me quite well. I’ve hit a point where I can find a certain, presumably simple, solution.

How do I rotate a surface around the 3D cursor in Edit Mode? My scene is fairly simple. I’ve got a piece of paper. I’m trying to fold that piece of paper in half. To do that in 3DS I would select the edge, move the Rotation Point to the center of the piece of paper, and rotate. The effect I’m trying to create is that a piece of paper is folded in half. I can throw up screenshots of what I’m trying to do if my explanations don’t make sense.

Thanks Kindly,

Set pivot point to 3d curser (shortcut is .)

Shift+S also gives you curser snapping options to position it