Rotate as a group


I’m trying to rotate a light with the cable, light shade, bulb and lamp underneath. I’ve selected all those objects but they are all moving individually, all in different directions rather than in the same direction and still being attached.

3D cursor is also situated on the roof where the cable meets the roof, as that’s where I want the centre point for the rotation to be.

Wish I could upload what I’m talking about, but I can’t…


It’s due to the different objects having different geometric origins. One way to fix it is Object > Transform > Origin to 3D Cursor.

The other way is to parent/child the group so that all the bits are tied to one object. In that case, select the parent object last and then go Object > Parent > Object > Object. The whole lot will then spin around the cursor together.

Ok, so what have you done there? Are they all parented to one object? Or all they all still un-parented?

If you don’t want to parent them, use the other trick of setting origin to 3d cursor. You can always set it back to centre of object geometry later.

Here’s a basic .blend with the components you appear to be using, in triplicate with three different groups and options. It behaves like it should for me. (118.0 KB)

Awesome worked it out! :slight_smile: