Rotate Bones

Hello guys.
Maybe you can help me ?!

How do I not warp when I rotate?
thanks in advance.

What helps a bit is setting ‘Preserve Volume’ on the armature modifier. You might also try to split the neck bone into two, and use bone constraints for each of them to take half of the rotation. Check some tutorials on rigging of human lower arms on that technique.

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Today You made a very happy human.
Thank you for being so considerate
I used Maintain Volume and it worked super well.

I didn’t understand about duplicating Bone.
If you find an example video send it to me.

If you need anything count on me.

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You are welcome. About multiple bones, I mean what is done here, until about 2:40:

I saw some better vids about it, but unfortunately I also couldn’t find them again right now. But you can see the principle.

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Very Good answer - -

ok! Thank you. I will study this case.