Rotate By Increments?

A lot of the time I need to rotate something 90 degrees or 180, etc. I do my best to get close, then type the number in manually.
Is there a button I can hold down to have things rotate by increments of 30 degrees or something? Like a rotate “snap”

R 90 will rotate 90 degrees
R X 180 will rotate on X axis 180 degrees
etc etc etc

Hold Ctrl key while rotating will rotate in 5 degree increments (when snapping set to increment)

is there a way to change that 5 degrees to 30, for larger increment “snaps”?


Hope its okay to revive the thread.

Same sentiment with @elgrayso
Is it possible to change the default 5 degrees to an arbitrary number? say 30 degrees?

Unfortunately i don’t think it’s possible and it would be great to have that feature in Blender!

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Agreed, a good solution could be to have the scroll wheel influence the increment scale while actively rotating, IMO.


Thanks @polynut and @Felix_Kutt for the confirmation.

Looking forward to its implementation.

It’s not as if it’s up to us. Takes a developer familiar with the code-base to implement it too. But it’s probably worth making a feature request on rightclickselect or such.

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I agree as well. The increment value should be a setting.

A workaround is to rotate using the small increment snap (5 degrees) once, then press Shift + R (Repeat last operation) a number of times.

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Well, I’ve gone ahead and posted to the paper cuts here:


Thank Felix i was about to do it but i saw your post!

hi there, when rotating with “z” axis or whatever axi clic “ctrl” , it snaps to 5 degres,

shit+ctrl = 1 degree