Rotate camera with player [logic blocks?]

Hi there, I’m trying to figure out how to use logic blocks to rotate a camera along with the player using logic blocks. I’m using simple-motion, the player is a sphere that rolls around, and I used vertex parenting for the camera -> player. Is it possible with my current setup, and if yes, then how?

Thank you for your help!

spin.blend (513 KB)Parent the camera to an empty, using vertex parent for that

Sorry for the late reply, but, by doing what you said, the scene spins around the player when I use the movement controls for it.

Then you’ll need to elaborate further. Have you seen the example?

Yes, I have. I’m trying to make it so, when I rotate the camera around the player, the player rotates as well, so it can move in the direction the camera is facing.

I’d recommend using Python here. You can do a lot of these things far less convoluted.

So do you mean a Resident Evil style camera? Or something like this?


Camera.blend (413 KB)

Yep, that’s exactly what I mean.

What the example, or Resident Evil style?

Sorry for not being specific. I meant the example.