Rotate fire problem

When i rotate the bullets don’t fire in the right direction.How would i fix this?Here’s the blend.Press x to rotate.


error.blend (512 KB)

there you go, you did not have your motions on the “rocket” set to local, and they were even no acceleration 0-15.5 instantly, not additive forces :slight_smile:


error.blend (510 KB)

Now i have a different problem the bullets won’t go straight.They go straight upwards.Here’s the blend.


error.blend (560 KB)

What are you asking? Why the bullets are moving in a direction other than up? Please elaborate.
If that’s the question, you need to realize that you’re applying a force on the bullets’ y axis. For the bullet to go straight up, you need to make sure the only force acting on the bullet is on the Z (in this case).

Did you look at the blend?

Yes, I did, I don’t understand what the problem is, or what you’re trying to do.

Ok, do you understand vector math?

X - Y - Z Local force,

X(in your case is let/right) - Y Forward and Back - Z is up / down

so a World force Z+ will add lift,
a LOCAL +Y will make it go forward

you need to play more my friend :slight_smile:

he wants both missiles to go in one direction, I think he just to know the difference from LOCAL and WORLD :slight_smile:

I had a look at the blend. I think your problem is that your rockets are not flying in the direction they are facing to.

As mentioned by the other posters it is a question of the direction. A velocity along the Y axis is right. But it must be the Y axis of the rocket (local) not the Y -Axis of the scene (world).

enable the [L] Button right to the LinearVelocity values of the rocket.

I put transform orientation on local and it worked ok.