Rotate following parent not working in bge. v2.70

I have 3 objects parented in sequence. (A to B and B to C) When I rotate C using actuator motion-rot, Object A doesn’t rotate with the parent, but its location changes up the Y axis.

I included a simple blend file to illustrate my problem. hit B for rotate right, and V to rotate left.shootingGame.blend (536 KB)

I need this action to work so I can shoot a projectile out of (A) after A moves in position by being the child of C and B.

Any help will be appreciated.

Thank you

The problem is that your B object is scaled down. The rotation is happening around a 1x1x1 algorithm, and because of that, the game thinks that the object is MUCH bigger than it is.
If you want to scale your object down properly, you need to scale the mesh and not the object itself. As in, you need to scale the object while you’re in edit mode.
Also, if you parent your C directly to A, it still works just fine.

Thank you. You are right.

how do you add [SOLVED] to the title?