rotate manipulator functionality

Is anybody able to code new addon with Maya like rotate manipulator functionality?
Maya, Max, Softimage, Motion builder, Modo… ( industry standart) are using another manipulator functionality for rotation.
Maya manipulator is like virtual sphere. Like notebook trackball. If you click and drag on the lines ( red, green, blue,) you can rotate only direction X or Y or Z like blender rotate manipulator, but if you click an drag between lines ( not in the center only, anywhere you like in manipulator area), you can rotate interactively like with notebook trackball or virtual sphere.

Blender – if you click the small center circle ( why only small circle?) between rotate lines you can rotate. (also double clicking “R” shortcut) But if you want to stop, you must click again(!). Mouse release confirms does not work via center circle. And if you click between lines area ( not in the center circle ) you can move only. We have not translate (move) manipulator? The rotate manipulator area is not for rotation? Sepatate axis lines and small center circle only?
Sometimes is problem to select the center circle if your hotspot is bigger number ( user interface- -manipulator, hotspot = distance around manipulator to acceppt mouse clicks) and axis lines are crossing directly in small center circle.

Please, we need new functionality of rotation manipulator.