rotate n degrees

Is there a way to rotate a set of points n degrees? I kind of figured out how to do it with the mouse but it would be easier to just type 45.00 instead of trying to get it down to 45 with the mouse.

Yes . Just select the points you want to rotate and hit the R hot key then 45 . But this is based on the angle of the view port relative to your object . If you want a specific Axis to rotate around hit R then X,Y,or Z (depending on the axis you want) then 45 or whatever angle you want . This applies to all three transforms : Scale, Rotate and Grab (or move - I’m just giving you words that have corresponding hot key first letters - S, R and G) but the input numbers mean different things of course . Percentage for scale and units to move for grabbing/moving .

awesome thank you. didn’t know you could just enter in the number after you hit r :slight_smile:

it works wit almost everyting else too in blender, like scale, move, extrude…

but not with edge slide for some reason

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