Rotate object exact with reference point possible

hi all,

I need to rotate the object exact to be parallel to Y.
In my CAD I m used to use a reference point of the object I that I then can snap to an ax (or another snap-able geometry)
Is similar possible in blender - or how do I get the same result?

thanks for any help!


here the screenshot of the object.

You can try clearing the rotation: in object mode, Object -> Clear -> Rotation.

The default transform orientation is the XYZ axis so you could also try Object -> Transform -> Align to Transform Orientation. You can also create custom transform orientation: Rotate a cube (for example) in edit mode select the face of the cube that you want to be the transform, in Propeties panel (N), find ‘Transform Orientations’, select ‘+’ to add that to the list. Select the new transform (named ‘Face’ if this is your first one) from the options menu to use that transform orientation.

There are also tools for snapping during transformation (the ‘magnet’ and associated options in the 3d view header.) These take a little practice but can be useful for snapping the face of one object to that of another.

thanks! that already helped me a lot!

Another thing handy for rotation alignment is to snap the 3D cursor to the center of rotation (usually in regards to a vertex or the center of a face), use 3D cursor as the pivot mode setting. Turn on the magnet in with snapping set to vertex mode and active. Select the part to be rotated, then deselect and reselect the vertex used for alignment so that it’s active. Now you’ll have a fast way to rotate that will bring parts into rotational alignment by snapping. Of course you can use the transforms to lock the axis of rotation along with that, but that’s already been mentioned.

Also you can select the averaged center of a snapping target by mousing over them and pressing the A key. Little red circles will appear over the vertices that are being weighted. This only works with snapping locked on via the menu button, this feature doesn’t come up if you’re quick-snapping via control key.