Rotate object with 3d Mouse.

Hello anyone,

I was wondering if anyone knew how to configure a 3d mouse (SpaceNavigator) to rotate objects, bones, etc. I think this would be really handy for animating. I am using the 3dconnexion drivers.

If this requires scripting I will give it a shot.

Hello Florida Joe,

Thank you for your response but unfortunately I could not find the information I wanted on that page (just like last time I was there). Were you implying I should ask them?

No, I was implying you should watch the videos there that show you how to connect it for Blender.

I did though and unfortunately, didn’t an option for what I was looking for.

Unless I am blind.

Currently, no, the 3DMouse cannot be used to rotate objects/bones/etc. Only your viewport view.

I do not see why it could not be implemented, however, it could become very confusing and messy in a hurry.

ex: Would the mouse control absolute x/y/z data, or would it all be relative to the angle from which you are viewing it?