Rotate (orbit) view around Active element


Does anybody know if there is any way / script to rotate the view around the active element?

Many times working on large and long meshes I have a selection of long edges, and I need to rotate the view for a complex spot on one corner to continue selecting, but the view obviously rotates around the whole selection… and it is quite maddening. I sure many of you have been there?

Anyway, thanks for your attention.

Select the eminent and press keypad .

Thanks, but I think I failed to elaborate. I meant Active element within a current selection, an image is better than my explanation:

While having selected that loop, I would like to rotate around the active edge on the corner of that long box, rather than the whole selection.

It should still work… you can select one face, edge, or vertex, press keypad . , and you will be rotating around that vertex / edge / face.

It doesn’t, zooms out to display the whole selection… maybe I have the shortcuts changed…

You have to select a single vertex/whatever first - THEN loop select.

In this example that would be the smart thing to do, but there are many situations where it is not possible to select a loop, and one is forced to zoom out, rotate the view, zoom in and keep selecting… :confused: