Rotate restrain axis ? Rotate Zoom icon or tab ?

I know the hot keys to Rotate Zoom
I was wondering if there where any way to put icons in the window instead of using hot keys ?
may be even a icon plug.

MMB Rotate. rotates on all axis.
Any way to restrain it to certain axis ?

Not sure about the icons… and you can’t constrain the MMB. But you can hit NUM 8, 6, 4, and 2 to “rotate” on a certain axis. It might help you a bit. Welcome to BlenderArtists.Org!

Although not icons, you can split your screen and use this script.

I’m assuming you’re talking about camera rotation while in camera view. If that’s the case, then you can constrain to a specific global axis by pressing the letter of that axis after you start rotating. To constrain to a local axis, press the letter of that axis twice. So for example, if you want to constrain to the local X-axis of the camera, select the camera and press R->X->X.

So to answer your question regarding icons vs. hotkeys, from the camera view there is no way to use an icon to control the rotational axis.

If you’re talking about locking a specific axis in the viewport (non-camera), then you’re probably looking to use Turntable View Rotation instead of the default Trackball View Rotation. You switch these in the User Preferences under View & Controls.

A snazzy new feature added in 2.46 (I think) is MMB snapping. Albeit not axis-wise, you can use MMB to go to specific views now.

But yeah, if you want to rotate the view on a axis you should do Numpad 8 4 6 2.