Rotate, Scale, Distort Texture based on curvature of model or other shading property

I’m new to blender and the forum, and this is my first post. I’m a professional 3d animator and technical artist working in Maya, 3dsmax, Zbrush typically, but Blender’s latest releases and Freestyle have lured me over for my personal work.
and am exploring some NPR possibilities.

Specifically I am looking for some advice on techniques on distorting a texture like an alpha pencil stroke based on the physical properties of the model like curvature, normals, and shading ranges.

I am a little fuzzy on the maths involved in something like this, but I do have some good experience with python, but I am still getting used to understanding how blender users typically build node networks to accomplish connecting these values in a meaningful way.

If anyone has some insight or reference for me, I’d really appreciate it!


  • Aleks

not certain if possible with paint yet !

but can be done in normal blender
see Slope Dependent Textures

happy bl