rotate texture mapping


i have a texture that is mapped to “normal” and i see that i can offset and scale but not rotate. How could i rotate it?
It has to be mapped to “normal” so i want to rotate it in mapping.


add and empty then go to F5 map in put panel then add the empty name to the OB field

then yo can scale rotate and translate the texture wiht this empty

happy 2.5

in 2.5 if i set it to normal which is what i need i cant choose an object.

well can you upload the file


the texture is set to normal and i want to rotate it. I dont see a way to rotate it with nodes.

not certain here but i tried to add the object empty for this texture

and i get something wrong here
see pic

this looks like an envir map is it ?

or may be it’s a bug

another thing your trying to map a falt pic directly on suzanne here

that won’t really work you should use UV unwrap then apply your texture to it !
have you work before with UV mapping ?


i know what you mean but is it not what i am trying to achieve.

Thanks anyway. Will have to rotate it outside blender or use an image sequence.

You can rotate your image with nodes:
In Nodes-view go to ‘Texture nodes’. Then check Use Nodes.
Delete the checker node and add an input node ‘Image’. Choose your image.
Add another Node (Distort->Rotate) and connect to Output.
Change ‘Turns’ to whatever you need (this will rotate your texture). The result is visible in the render, but doesn’t show up in 3D view. But I don’t know, what to do, to get it displayed there, sorry. I hope someone else can help with this.

ah! thanks. Exactly what i was looking for.

I had tried that but since the viewport didnt update i thought it was not doing anything. If you render it it works.

It’s good to know that you can rotate at least with nodes. But as to why there is no rotate texture in the basic texturing panel is a bit of a puzzle. I would have thought this would be one of those “Oh crap, we forgot to put in rotate texture, better put that in right away.” Hopefully the 2.5 guys will add this.

Hi, this worked for me while trying to create a simple blend texture for a vertical yellow-red flame which by default went only left-right-left on the ramp and the mesh!. Try switching the mapping to:
Coordinates: generated
Projection: Flat Z, Y, X (default being x,y,z)
Hope this helps.