Rotate vertices in Y axis and keep Z location untouched

Hi all,

I can’t get my head around on this. Is there a way to rotate vertices in Y axis and keeping the Z location untouched?


I don’t know if this will help but you are rotating in the local axis (press y twice). Also it seems to me if your rotating around the median point and the verts don’t fall on the same x/z plane then it might contort your rotation.


I’m using 3D cursor as pivot point at first but then I tried your suggestion, sadly it didn’t work.


I don’t really understand what your trying to do but here’s another idea: If you tap shift and an axis it will exclude that axis from the transform. In other words, if you press g then shift+x you will only move in the y/z plane.

Sorry, maybe I didn’t explain myself properly.
I need to project those vertices to a certain angle, so I was thinking on rotate them and maybe that is not the best method.
Here is a quick mockup of what I want to do.

Shift ctrl alt s. And chose axis. Then slide your mouse. That s called shear


Shear also has graphical interface:
Clicking the shear button on the toolbar at left, a gizmo is attached to the vertices and you can shear by dragging. Once done, a command parameter window appears at the bottom left of the 3d viewport and you can refine/ correct your input.

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Thank you both no it is solved, so yes I was doing it the wrong way.

Great! Tnx!!!

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You are welcome.