rotate view around mouse cursor?

blenders viewport rotation has been driving me insane lately, i don’t know what it is but it’s way to touchy, especially when zoomed in. Working on small, fine details is impossible because of the fucking rotation. Is there a way to always rotate around my cursor? not 3d cursor, just mouse cursor.


umm… press R?

i dont know why you are complaining, when you press R, you will rotate around the center of your selection, and there will be a line from your cursor to that point.
if you move the cursor to that point, ofc it will go crazy, just move ur mouse further away.

also if you wish to lock it to an axses, press R followed by X, Y or Z. and by typing inn a number afterwards you can set an exact rotation value.

i dont see your problem.

also just a sidenote, if you are familuar with other 3D programs you might be used to moving the cursor left and right (or up and down) to change the value, well in blender you move the cursor in a circle around the pivit point.

also, if you hold down Shift while rotating you will get much finer controll. but slower. and hold CTRL for snapping.

I have the same “problem”, I would love to be able to rotate the view around the (projected) mouse cursor. Does anyone know how to do that?

Go to preferences and turn off orbit around selection then you can use alt+ mmb to target what to orbit around.

I think what people are asking for is a navigation similar to the navigation in Cinema 4D. C4D always rotates around the first intersection that is found beneath the mouse pointer. That’s very fast and intuitive.

You can do this in Blender too. Check this setting and it will orbit around the intersection beneath the mouse pointer.

Here I only navigate with the mmb and it orbits around what’s under the mouse.


That’s very cool. Thanks for the info. There isn’t also something similar like the flight navigation in UE4 and Unity where you hold down the right mouse button and use wasd to fly through a larger map?

yes, there is. :grinning:

If you use it often you can assign a shortcut key or add it to the quick menu, by right clicking on it in the menu.

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Ah, that’s what depth is for.
If you have “orbit around selection” and depth ticked then “orbit around selection” takes precedence. Do you know if you can assign an override key so that even if something is selected it will still rotate around the point detected by “depth”?

Look here

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OMG I was almost givin up about it…finally I solved it. I just created account to reply. THANKS A LOT

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I was trying to solve the issue where working on details over a large object/scene required repeat fumbling with the camera to make it centre on the part I’m working on. I would either rotate and pan, ctrl+shift+mmb drag to dolly, or set the 3d cursor down and center view to cursor (which I’ve mapped to Alt-Home as in pre-2.8 times).

The first two approaches are tedious and fiddly and the 3d cursor method is also tedious and sacrifices any position you may have been using the cursor to hold on to.

I was looking to move the 3d cursor method into a script (including storing and restoring its position) and stumbled on the view_center_pick operator, which does exactly what I wanted.



As you can see I picked backslash as the shortcut (easily accessed, no combination, relatively unused).

Gives you:

note: I’ve tried using settings like auto depth previously but I just couldn’t get on with them. I like the view to rotate about its centre.

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Nice! Thanks for sharing. I also like when it rotates around the center, feels more natural in some way.

Edit: I found out that the default keymap has it as Alt+MMB and it works perfectly fine for me.

Thank you, body!