rotate view around selection?

Is there a way to make Blender rotate the view in the modeling window around a selected vertex/edge/face? If I’m modeling something large, but want to zoom in on a small detail, I’d like to be able to rotate the view around that point, not the grid center (or whatevber Blender uses as the rotation axis). Is this possible?

Yes it is, press the del key on your numpad to centre view to selection.


You can also set the preferences in the pref panel to rotate aound selection. You can also set trackball or turntable.

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Thanks, guys!

U can also center on the 3d cursor by pressing C

select maya as preset; under ‘input’ click trackbal; under interface ‘select rotate around selection’. save settings n exit from user preferences. come to user pers; hold ‘alt’ and use left mouse n move, it should be rotating, not important if you select object or not. all the best