Rotate View on a mac with a touchpad. Axis snap problem

Hi. I use a macbook pro with touchpad navigation and I find a uncomfortable issue. Does anybody knows how to make an axis snap modal operation while rotation happens? Pressing the alt (option) just stops rotation instead snapping.
So how to fix it?
Here is the Keymap screenshot (sorry for unusual UI colors)

Hi, I had this problem a while back.

I personally use the tilde key “`” to bring up the viewport view pie menu and use that

alternatively in the past I just assigned them to Command + D pad. with some of the other views as Command + Control + D Pad

Hope this helps

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Thanks for idea but I hope there is a way that allows me to do this with a gestures of touchpad.

You might need something like BetterTouchTool:

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Recently tried this software. Some simple swipes patterns work incorrectly and doesn’t solve axis snap issues on a trackpad.

If a custom keyboard shortcut doesn’t work for you, and gesture mapping software doesn’t work for you, you’re pretty much out of options. Maybe someday Blender will have more rigorous gesture support but it doesn’t right now

Anyway, thank you for ideas and feedbacks

Did you ever find a solution to this mate? Having the same problem :slight_smile:

No, still no fine solution