rotate view

i can rotate in 3D viewport the view
with shift MMB

but is there a way to limti this to around a certain global axis ?


4, 6, 2, and 8 rotate the view on some axis. Not sure if it’s exactly what you want though.

Not sdie front view i mean a constinous roation

Not side front view i mean a constinous rotation
like we do with the shift MMB but limtied to one axis only !


The keys Redjay pointed out do just that.
for the X-axis,
Not sure if you can change that.
If you do it from a different view I guess it does right?

sorry i misundertood it

i did not use theses before so i tough it was for the 7 1 3 views

ok it rotate the view not the objects inside tha’t rotation = delta degress / keystroke

theses are the good ones

but is there also a way to do it continously like in 3D viewport
with the key it’s move by a certain amount of degress


In watching many of the Blender vids people post on Youtube, it seems to me that most people are satisfied to leave the Blender default view rotation at ‘Trackball’. I much prefer ‘Turntable’. Perhaps this will help you, although the rotation is always around the z-axis.

As beefcalf described above → pull down your main menu down and choose between trackball and turntable in the “View & Controls” tab. This is described on the wiki:

thanks for the reference wiki page

i saw one symbols in this new doc tht i don’t udnerstand for panning for instance

there is an up arrow with shift MMB inside a box

what is the meaning of this sequence of keys and how you do it ?
the up arrow part i dont understand !


Not sure why the arrow is there, but the Shift key on my keyboard has an up arrow. So, simply Shift+MMB to pan the 3D view.