Rotate viewport around z axis.

Rotate viewport around z axis.

When you are editing an object, it’s useful to have the object lying perfectly along the x,y,z axis. That way you can select a row of points and scale them all along the y axis for example.
Sometimes though the object is sitting at a weird angle and so scale along y will distort it.
you can change the transformation orientation to “view”, and try to align the viewport to the object, but I’ve found that while you can rotate the viewport along the x/y axis using the middle mouse button, sometimes it’s still sitting at a weird angle and you need to rotate the viewport around the z axis as well. Is there a way to do this?

Edit* digging around a bit, I’ve found that ctrl+shift+ scrolling the middle mouse does sort of achieve this, but it moves it in large increments. is there a way to move it smoothly?

shift+numpad_4/6, or ctrl+shift+mouse wheel.

Thanks JA12. Both of those commands seem to make it jump in large increments. Is there a way to move it smoothly in order to fine tune the results?

There’s rotation angle in user preferences - interface which would slow both down. Other than that, don’t know, maybe through a hotkey change.

I don’t use aligned views much to do transforms. I usually use transform orientations, maybe a custom one, with suitable pivot point to do them.

Thanks once again JA12. I will look into using transform orientations.