Rotate Wave modifier for animation

Hi there! I have a big problem that I can’t find solution for for about 3 hours :smiley:

I’m making flock of jellyfishes that swim to target. I’m using boids and everything ok, except ONE thing.

For making jellys movement, I’ve used wave modifier. It work as i’ve expected, but I need to turn waves, so they are generated not on Z axis, but on Y. Because I need to rotate my jellyfish mesh on Y axis, so their “head” looks to the way they swim.

Is there a way to rotate wave modifiers axis?

I’ve tried rotate with empty, linking animation, using forces to control particles. But it’s not what I want or not working at all.

I also tried cloth simulation, but it’s not what I want niether.


Did you try rotating the jellyfish mesh in edit mode by 90°?
You’d probably have to parent it to an empty in order to re-rotate it for the boids…

Yeah, I’ve tried. The problem is, that if I rotate jelly in edit mode, I need to do apply rotation so it will work with particles. But if I apply rotation, then wave modifier keeps generating waves on Z axis. And jellyfish is already rotated, so it animates not up and down, but left to right. I’m so confused. :frowning:

parent the jellyfish geo to an empty. Group Empty and geo.
In the particles settings in the Render Tab choose ‘Group’, select the according group and check the ‘Whole Group’ field.
Now you should be able to rotate the empty, and the boids will rotate accordingly…
Hope that does the trick.

Wow, thank you motimo! :smiley:
It works. It have some problems, but it works as I needed!
Thank you again! :slight_smile: