Rotate while panning is pressed, and reverse?

Hey all, my first post here!

I’ve decided to transition from 3DS Max as I believe now is a great time, everyone seems to be making the switch and it’s gonna be a lot easier on my wallet!

One of my main concerns right now is how Blender deals with navigation, now I’ve already changed panning to MMB and Alt MMB to rotate, but there doesn’t seem to be any way to alternate the two.

What I mean by this is if I’m panning and I want to rotate, I have to let go of MMB, then press Alt MMB to rotate, this is very slow. What I’m looking for is the ability to rotate WHILE I’m panning, and also the reverse, to pan once I let go of the rotate button.

I’ve scoured the internet and I have found nothing on the subject really, so I’m left no choice but to bug you decent folk about it.

Does anyone know if Blender actually has this functionality in an option somewhere, or will it require some coding?

Thanks in advance!

Ah ha, I decided to do some digging myself and found the View3D Rotate Modal and View3D Move Modal in the rotate and pan Keymap settings, very hidden settings.

Posting the solution here for others who are looking for the same functionality.

Under the 3D View (Global) keymaps, look for Rotate View and Pan View, if you click the little arrows to the left of them, it will reveal the modal settings below each of them, that’s where you want to go.

Clicking the arrow to the left again will reveal additional inputs, in the View3D Move Modal, you’ll want to add a new setting for “switch to rotate”, set it to keyboard and click the arrow to the left of this new setting, I set mine to Left alt, alt, this was the only way to make it work, and I set it to press. This gives me the functionality that I was looking for, but I wasn’t done there.

I basically had to do the same for the View3D Rotate Modal, but instead of having it set to press, I had it set to release, which stops the rotation from happening and switches back to panning.

Adding some images below to help suplement what the hell I’m talking about.

Starting to see the power in Blender, and this level of customizability is amazing!