rotateing view along the z axis!

how can i rotate the view with the num pad also along the third axis?
you know you can look up/down and left/right.
this are x and y axis.
i want to rotate iot along the z axis!


In front and side view (1 & 3) Num-4 and Num-6 rotate around Z Axis. So answer is you have to change views.

I know what you mean in that when you switch back to top view then the translation along Z is cancelled.


Fligh % I do not think he means the GLOBAL Z axis. I think he means the Z axis as in coming out of or going into the monitor. In other words how does he “roll” the viewport. I wish I knew for sure. I think I do but I do not want to give out bad information so I will just shut up.


you are right! i mean the local z axis.
so the right term is rolling!!!
do you know ow to do it?

i always need to grab the cam and rotate the cam after i applied a view as a new camera position.