rotatin / pivot point

is there a command in python to rotate an object selected from a specified pivot point

i know the rotate command but this is working only on the local center of the object !

but i need something to rotate from an outisde specified point
and can you adjust the translation too ?


This may help:

ok tht might be usefull for armature

but i;m just looking for object rotation from a pivot point outisde the center of the object !


here is an ex

mesh1 = Mesh.Primitives.Cube(size)

redMesh = Mesh.Primitives.Cube(size)
redCube = makeCube(-5,7,“redCube”,redMesh,localScene)
redMesh.materials = [matRed]

ob1 =Blender.Object.Get( “redCube” )
ob1.setLocation(0, -20, 7)

ob1.setRotation(30, 0,0)

not the problem here is that setRotation does not exist!

so there msut be another one to do the rotation
if possible with choice between center of oject or a pivot point !


All you have to do is move all the vertices up by half the size of the bounding box.

so i aahve to make a small function to do the rotation and translation of all vertex
in the mesh

this has never been done before in python!