Rotating 1x exactly every 2 minutes

So, I have absolutely no Idea where to ask this question.

Basically, I have a clock in my game and need it to rotate at the exact rate to make 1 full revolution every 2 minutes with the Motion logic brick. I’ve been playing with the clock for about 20 minutes trying to find a solution, even with properties, and everything is glitchy and not accurate. I will not do it the simple way of adding an action, as my system tries to speed and slow around each keyframe, and it shows a straight path for this object. (already tried.)

If someone knows how to fix this with any way excluding action brick, please reply.

I don’t know what you mean by your system “tries to speed and slow around each keyframe”…

360 x 2 = 720 dehrees
720 / 120 seconds = 6
6 degrees rotation per second will give you what you want.

You never bothered to explain HOW you’re reading the internal clock, or HOW you’re incrementing your game clock. Nobody can really answer you properly unless you do.

2 min = 120 segs
360/120 = 3
So you have to move 3 degrees every second. I don’t remember if you run an animation the animation skip frames is necessary. If this is the case you have to set an animation that rotates 360 degrees with linear interpolation in 24*120 = 2840 frames (the 24 is the default fps of animation if I correctly remember it) this will work with logic bricks.

With python you can simply applyRotation() of 3*bge.logic.getFrameTime(). The 3 is the rotation degree per second, and the second instruction according to what I read gets the delta time between frames. You can print it to see what it is.

To “fix” the action problem go to the graph editor and hit A to select all curves, then hit T and select linear from the popup menu.