Rotating 360 off axis?

Hi folks.

I can animate the rotation of a cube without any problems, but I’d really like to rotate it off axis, like our planet’s kilter.

No matter what I’ve tried - and I’ve been at this a couple of hours - I either get a wobbly cube, or the cube locked to the world axis.

What I thought would work is… Set initial rotation, CTRL+A it, look local down on the object SHIFT+7 and set the keys. This produces a wobble as the animation tries to find the most efficient path between keys. So I thought I’d add a constraint to lock x and y, but this locks the world axis no matter what the settings.

What am I missing?


Two options
Animate the object rotating not at an angle
Add an empty
Parent the object to the empty
Rotate the empty to the angle you want the object to rotate at

Option 2
In the rotation settings change from XYZ to ZYX and set the transform orientation to local, then set x axis to the tilt angle you want the object to rotate around and then keyframe the Z axis for the rotation

Once again, perfect. Many thanks.