Rotating a camera around a point

Hi all,

I’m fairly new to these forums, so I’m not sure if this is the right place for this question. Please move it if it isn’t.

I’d like to move my camera around the scene’s z axis in even increments, say 30 degrees, so that I can render the scene from several angles. The camera should always point at the same place — the very center of the scene, in fact. Originally I thought I’d do this by moving the camera’s center to the pivot point and then rotating it around the global Z axis, but I can’t seem to move the center.

Any suggestions on how I should go about doing these renders?

Sol Blue,

Create an empty @ 0,0,0 and a camera pointing at it. Select camera first then whilst holding down
shift select the empty. Then press Ctrl-P to parent. Then when you rotate the empty on Z axis the
camera should follow. Also if you scale the empty the camera zooms in and out…

Have Fun,


: D

Thank you so much! Blender never fails to amaze…there is always a way to do exactly what you want. Thank you for your great instructions!

No problem glad to help. Also try exploring parenting some lights etc…