Rotating a camera

I’ve looked around at the camera controls and can’t seem to find out how to have the camera rotate to follow an object. Most of the reference I found on the web talks about a moving camera.

Although I have been using Blender for a while, I’ve just started exploring animation.

if you always want the camera to point towards an object you can do a “track to” contraint

the easiest way to do that is to select your camera > shift select the object > Ctrl T


Thanks! I appreciate it.

a great thing to do is to constrain the camera to an “Empty” (the same way as mentioned)

then you can animate the empty and have the camera point wherever you want w/o screwing up the objects animation

have fun :wink:

Good news. Thank you.

here is a easy way to rotate a camera.

In top wiew, space - add - curve - bezier circle ( yellow ) in front wiew I put the circle below the cube.

Select the camera - press shift - select circle - press ctrl+ P- Follow Path - press Alt + A

You can chang the speed with the PathLen F9.


Rotating.object.blend (125 KB)


I looked for something on parenting to empties and didn’t find exactly what I was looking for. How would you do it if you were, say watching a car go by on the road and the camera only rotates. (I’m running 2.46.)


I’ll try your suggestion when I do the other. Having two ways of doing something is great. Then you can use the one that’s best for what you are doing. You can never have too many tricks up your sleeve.

thanks guys