Rotating a halo flare.

Hello again.
I have a halo material on a single vertex.
I have an animation where the halo flares-up and fades again (on the edge of a letter).
I would like to have the flare (star and lines) rotate slightly as the animation goes on.
(It’s an ortho top-view animation, so it’s a rotation about Z for a few degrees.)

I tried rotating the vertex, but that didn’t seem to work.

Any word?

Not sure if there is an easier way but you could rotate everthing else including the camera about the centre of the flare. If you can’t rotate the flare rotate the world around the flare.

Hope this helps,

Just tried that myself : the flare follows the camera’s rotation, no matter what, so it remains still.

If it can’t be rotated, maybe a (good) trade off would be to have three-four flares of different settings (lines, colors…) and animate their respective alpha ? Rotation maybe left to luck but at least it would scintillate in an interesting fashion… maybe.


Having a few flares close by, at the four corner of a plane let’s say, so close that the would almost melt one into the other but not completely and then rotating the plane… that could be an interesting effect.

I know : it’s frustrating when the idea you had in mind cannot be realized…

Have fun anyway.

Ah, well… Add it to the wish-list.

Perhaps the way to do it is to render a star-flare out as a TGA or PNG and then bring it in again as a texture on a plane (called a billboard, I think) and then rotate and size that… Mmmmm makes me think!

Thanks for the input.

Okay, as far as I know, flares aren’t really 3D objects, they seem to be applied appropriately after the rest of the scene is rendered. They’re not really rotateable, and no matter what angle you look at them from, they will look the same. I’m afraid that to the best of my knowledge there is no way to do what you want.


You could physically build the flare lines (either manually or via a script) and turn on “Edge” in the material settings, and use that along with the halo…

Hey, that’s practical.
I could animate the ‘seed’ on the circle halo’s and rotate the ‘star’ mesh. I suppose I could use particles to make the arms glow and apply alpha all over the show.

Still, seems easier to code an ‘angle’ setting into halos in future - hint hint! :slight_smile: