Rotating a Parented object

Alrighty, So I have this object, and it’s parented at an exernal point. the object is cylindrically symetric, and I want to spin it around the midpoint of the radius, so basically I need to move the parenting point to the midpoint of the radius in this cylindrical object, can I do this without individually moving the objects or unparenting and starting over? How would I do that? Thanks!

I’m not quite sure what you are trying to accomplish but I think that the video here will help to explain everything as it goes into how parenting effects ipo’s and keyframes:

Select the video on keyframing and ipo curves.

After re-reading the post I think I understand.

  1. place cursor on symetrical object
  2. move parent to cursor (will also move child)
  3. select child and clear origin alt-o
    end edit