Rotating a specific bone now rotates it in all frames of all animations, killing my project

Okay everyone, reddit and stackexchange have not been able to help me. I’m gonna try to frontload as much info as possible to avoid the answers I’ve been getting.

I have been animating for around a week straight now. I have my main file with multiple animations saved under it. Stuff like running, attacking, jumping, etc. Now, for the past week, I have been able to keyframe any bone in any position without issue. However, as of this afternoon, my hip bone has changed. I noticed it pretty quickly, whenever I’d rotate the hip bone all of the other keyframes would rotate their hip bones as well. This actually was convenient for about five minutes. Until I needed the hip bone to be at different rotations for different parts of the animation. Then it became a problem. It became an absolute catastrophe when I realized that it was also applying all of my hip rotations to every frame of every other animation.

Just to be clear, this is not normal, this is not how it’s been working at any point in time before this afternoon and this is not how it works in any of my other animation files. I’m pretty sure this is a setting that I accidentally enabled, how do I turn it off?

Here’s a video of the issue.

It looks like if you change the rotation type while keyframes exist it breaks the animations. There is no fix to this other than sticking with the rotation type you started the animation with. To prevent this in the future I’ll be making sure every bone starts in the rotation type I want before doing any animation

An action will only affect bones that have keys in that certain action, all other bones are not updated, they keep whatever position they were before changing the action. Just clear pose transforms on every bone before setting the active action (select all > ALT+R, Alt+G, Alt+S).

If you can’t figure it out, put a blend in.