Rotating a text in full 360 in X-axis

Hi. I have a question: How do I animate a text to rotate in full 360-degree?

I just want the text to start at the position at frame 0, then once it rotates at a 180-degree angle, store it at frame 48, continue rotating in a same direction until it gets back to where they are at frame 96 (same for frame 0) and continue spining.

Here’s what I mean:

Rotation X : 0 at frame 0
Rotation X : 45 at frame 12
Rotation X : 90 at frame 24
Rotation X : 135 at frame 36
Rotation X : 180 at frame 48
Rotation X : 225 at frame 60
Rotation X : 270 at frame 72
Rotation X : 315 at frame 84
Rotation X : 360 (same as 0) at frame 96

Is there a way how to do it? I want it to be precise and don’t want to use a mouse because I want the rotated text to be perfectly rotated at a correct frame/time.

Thank you.

bah, yeah, its real easy

edit the ipo manually

make the handles vector handles [v key]

and make the extend mode extrapolation
has some info, but parts of the documentation I find to be missing…

Thanks but I got it figured out by myself without getting any help so thanks anyway. What I did is for storing keyframes, I use the “I” key in my keyboard to open up the menu and before I do any changes, I first select “Location” and “Rotation” menu to store my changes. Then I use the “R” key to rotate the model to about a 90-degree angle (yet I have to do it pixel-perfect so that the rotation will be around 90-degrees) and I use the “G” key to position the model just to make sure the model stays in the same position so I store those two changes I have made and so this is for frame 24. Then I continue the process again until I get to frame 96 which is to be about a 360-degree angle which equals to 0.

I’m getting used to Blender’s user interface… :stuck_out_tongue:

Just hold down Ctrl (5 degrees increments) or Ctrl-Shift (1 degree increments) when rotating.