rotating about smaller objects in 3d views


I have modeled my objects fine, I often rotate (with the middle mouse button) small amounts in 3d view to see my object from slightly different angles. This has worked just fine uptil now. Then I wanted to make my object real-world size with 1 BU = 1 meter, so I scaled my object down, now when I rotate the view, the object disappears from view very quickly. This has probably something to do with the point which is rotated about. I’m not sure exactly how I want things to work, but if I’m zoomed in on the head and rotate, I probably want the point of origin of the rotation to be the center of the view, which means the center of the head, if the head is in the center. Now it seems that the point of rotation is slightly off center, as the head now doesn’t rotate around it’s center, but travels in a bigger circle. It probably always does this, but it seems that the point of rotation isn’t scaled with the scale of the 3d view, so the slight off-center seems to grow bigger the more you zoom in.
I’d really like to be educated more on this matter (and possibly change some preference or something) , as I find it almost impossible to edit my real-world size 1BU=1meter object.

Sigurd Lerstad

pull down the user prefrences (the menu at the top)
and check this box (rotate around selection)
it’s in the view and control tab


Thanks, that helped.

Sigurd Lerstad