Rotating Actions

This seems so simple, but I’m having a really hard time with it.
I have two actions: walk and turn-around. I want the character to walk in one direction, stop, turn around, and walk in the other direction. I thought I could simply simply have the actions as such: walk > turn-around > walk, and keyframe the object itself to turn around.

I get a really bad result. When I go to blend the later actions together, it spins the character completely around (since I’m actually rotating the armature object).

In other words - do I really have to make a brand new action with the character walking in the opposite direction?



Yes, you have to make a brand new action.

Thanks. Thought that might be the case.

You’re welcome! :slight_smile:

this might not be true,
there is a difference between:

object animation
armature animation

If you have an armature-animation (pose-mode) then you always can switch
to object-mode and move/rotate the whole object and the animation
will run in this new coord-axis-system.

Only if you did an animation with combined changes, then you are lost.

To understand it, you should try it with a simple armature (2 to 3 bones)
and make a quick animation in pose-mode, then switch to nla-editor
and modify it there, for example let it run 3times …

Then again in 3d-view object mode you can watch the “cycling animation”
and if you insert keyframes for the object at the end of the cycle and change
the rotation, this will rotate the following pose-animation too.

The only thing is, if you already have such a combined animation, then its not
possible to change it in the same way …
… except you would parent it to an empy (object) and then you animate this …

… and you can do this again and again … parent the whole thing to another object and modify its position and rotation and all childs will use the new position and orientation too …