Rotating along an edge

I tried to find a solution via google but either I don’t understand the results or it’s not there, so I hope you can help me.

I try to create a dodekaeder. First I started with creating six five sided polygons and placed them on a flat plane. Like printing it on a paper. Now I try to rotate each of these polygon meshes into position in 3D space. In order to do this, I need to rotate each mesh along the edge where it is joined to the base. The problem now is, that the rotation always rotates around the axis, which are not aligned with the edge, so it’s always screwed up and I have to manually adjust it. So is it possible to set the axis in such a way that they are oriented along an edge, to be able to rotate around it? kind of like a door with hinges, where the hinges define the axis the door can rotate when it is opened, no matter how it is positioned.

Alternatively, I would be interested if there is a simpler way of create a dodekeader, as this is a rather simple model anyway. I tried to find something like this, but didn’t succeed either.

Thanks for your help!

Select the edge you want to rotate around and press Ctrl+Alt+Spacebar (or from the properties pane, shortcut N) to create a custom orientation which you can set to use from the 3d view header
You can set the 3d curser to where you want to have the hinge (Shift+S) and set it to be the pivot point with . (period key)

That only partially solved my problem. What I finally did was, I aligned one mesh with the axis, and then put the origin where I wanted it. With that it worked to use the “Local” option on the transformation.

I don’t really understand how that custome orientation is applied to the edge.

Now I played around with this custom orientation but I found another problem. So I created five polygons which I need to align to each other. I created a customer orientation for each of them and the rotation axis is now as I want it to, so that is fine. the new problem however is, that I need to rotate all of them in small increments until they are properly aligned. But whenever I select on object, the custom transformation for the old object is still active, so I always have to select the correct transformation. Isn’t there some way to connect this transformation to the object, so that I can simply klick on any of them and have them rotating around it’s individual axis?

Or is it possible that this only happen because the Global button was active when I created the orientation? I test this.

If all else fails just download a pack of pre-modelled polyhedra. I’ve done this before after getting frustrated trying to make such things with a limited x-y-z coordinate system. I wish Blender had more options for modelling with symmetry.