Rotating and moving objects blendergame

hi guys wondering if anyone can help me out
i’m trying to keep the wheels positioned relative to the car and rotate the wheels without also rotating the body and keeping the body height relative to the wheels, but i cannot seem to figure this out
i know there are easier ways to make the body move but this way i get tyre spin and grip and dont have to watchamagotcha in order to make it fit
thanx in advance


Couldn’t you just parent the wheels to the car?

dont think so unless i’m doing the parenting wrong ,
i have found some stuff about 6dof restraints :frowning: gonna have to do some learning for that

What if you joined the two tires per axle, so a front and rear, and then parent the car that those? I’ve never done a car thing before, but that would allow you to actually spin the axles to make the car move, instead of just sliding the thing around. I believe you can apply friction for the tires and all that. Could get a beginning simulation going. Just a thought. I could be way off…

Give that a shot if you’d like, but I just spend from now since posting this originally and accomplished nothing while trying it. I’m no good at blender yet. Someone smart with show up soon and inform you. :slight_smile:


  1. Python and the vehicle wrapper (hard, but consistent results)
  2. 6DOF rigid Body Joints between wheels and cars (easy, but can be ‘sloppy’ in the way it moves)
  3. Fake it using parenting. (Parent and then apply wheel rotation based on velocity)

The parenting option is what has been tried, I believe (I know I did with no success), and in this case I don’t think it’s an option. The vehicle wrapper seems like the only choice here. If you’re gonna do something, do it right the first time, I’d say. I’m glad I poked my head in on this thread. I’m going to take a look at the vehicle wrapper for kicks and giggles.

If you’re gonna do something, do it right the first time, I’d say

In many things, game making included there is no ‘right’ way, there are better ways, and ways that don’t work, but no undeniably right way to do something.

That’s what I meant. :wink: