Rotating and Recalculating Texture Space

First off, gere’s a pretty simple question. Why can’t we rotate the texture space? :-? I mean, you can rotate the vertices inside the tex space, so it’s like rotating the tex space, but why not just make that a feature? I’m asking, cause on my velociraptor, my original cube was at a weird angle, and so my texture space is all catywampus. In order to straighten it out, I have to rotate the vertices around, which makes it so it is no longer perfectly aligned with blender’s x axis for when I mirror the right side.

Second of all. I though I remembered a button or hotkey that recalculated the texture space, but I can’t find it now. Am I just imagining that? I searched the blender manual, but didn’t come up with anything under hotkeys.

Well, as I’m trying to texture my raptor, I’m coming up with all sorts of great questions about hotkeys and features.

My next one is, and yes, I know I should know this: How do I make so when I unparent one object from another, the child keeps the size, rotation and position that it has when it the object is parented to it, instead of going back to its original position and proportions?

have you tried mapping your texture to an object [empties work well]

you can then even animate it scaling rotating and moving…

[though, if you raptor moves, particularly if given an armature, object mapping will not look right as the skin different from the mesh]

Well, I answered my first question, sort of. I could have sworn there was a button or hotkey that actually was called RECALCULATE TEXTURE SPACE, but maybe not. I did Ctrl+A and applied size and rotation, and this reoriented the axis, therefore reorienting the texture space. But this also made the eyes go all out of alignment, so my second question about making a child object keep its properties after being unparented still stands.

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