rotating and zooming, tricky bussiness

Hey guys ! i’m having another newbie GE problem wih a camera, in the “game” i’m makeing i’m rotating around a car and zooming in and out (i’m using an empty as a parent for the camera and rotating the empty since i can’t figure out how to change the camera’s pivot point), i’m suing the x axis to zoom in, the problem is that when i rotate the camera the orientation of it’s axes doesn’t change, for example :

  • im looking at the side of the car and zooming in works fine
  • i rotate the camera to look at the front fo the car and zooming in just moves the camera from side to side

i’m happy for any suggestion :slight_smile:

here are some pictures to clarify


“working/viewport” view and “camera” view, specially in the game engine, should be a different thing, probably?!
Don’t use camera view to “work/model”!
To centre the “viewport view” to the selected object, press the . (dot)key, now the view will rotate around!

Like Oto said, you shouldn’t be modeling with your camera view.

You can switch in between front, top, and side view with NUM1, NUM7, and NUM3 (respectively). Use the middle mouse button to rotate the view, shift-mmb to pan the view, and ctrl-mmb to zoom the view.

ohhh sorry guys, i’ve just read my post and noticed the unclearity, my gripe is with the camera whithin my game not blender’s editor camera :|, i’ve edited my post to be clearer, thanks for haveing the patience to explain the absolute basics :slight_smile: , but now that i’ve explained the problem do you have any suggestions in that direction ?

tick the small “L” botton on the cam movement brick for what ever your using?

I don’t really understand your problem, maybe post a .blend to clarify? If you’re afraid of your car model being stolen or whatever, you can just replace it with a cube.

using the local axis does fix the problem, thanks alienkid :slight_smile: , the weird thing is that the only way it will zoom properly is if i set the zoom in the z axis, which makes no sense since the z axis fo the camera points upward not froward, anyways i have a problem that i haven’t managed to fix or figure out : my mouse clicks don’t register sometimes, i have to click multiple times in order for the script to “see” the click, i’ve atached the blend file if you want to pick it apart, sorry but all the comments are in romanian


dual_cam_Test.blend (481 KB)

I believe his problem is that he wants his camera to rotate about the car in realtime. However, in the blend, it works great…maybe invert the way the camera turns according to mouse, but other than that, i didn’t notice any problems. Car looks nice though :smiley:

the z-axis thing does seem a bit counter-intuitive at first, but remember that if you clear the camera’s orientation it points straight down- the camera’s forward axis is the -z.

…The clicking works fine on my computer, maybe you should try re-installing blender? I don’t really have any other ideas for what could be wrong, though.

ok thanks guys :slight_smile: , i hope the problem is on my end and the clicks register fine on other computers, but i would like to know waht could be causing it
thanks for helping everyone :smiley: