Rotating animation problem in blender

Hi ever1

how do make a rotating animation around a centre point of a mesh?


Press I and choose Loc. Hit one of the arrow keys to go as many frames forward as half the anim. Rotate the object halfway and press I and choose Loc. Do it all again to the end of the anim. Press Shft-LeftArrow to goto frame 1 and hit Alt-A to see the preview.


Or, if you’re looking to rotate the camera around a fixed object, insert a path (space - add - curve - path) and make it closed (c-key) then move its vertices til its the shape you want.

Next select the camera, then shift-select the path and type ctrl-P and select “Follow Path”.

Next insert an empty object (space - add - empty) then select the camera, then shift-select the empty, type ctrl-T and select “TrackTo Constraint”. Your camera will then be pointing at the empty.

Alt-A will show it in motion. Simply move the camera to where you want it to go, adjust the path to how you want it to travel, and move the empty to where you want the camera to point. You’ll have a “flyaround” setup that you can tweak to your specific scene.

To change the length of time for the path, select it, go to the IPO Editor window, select “Path” from the IPO Type dropdown and adjust the curve there as you’d like. (Tip: use the “home” key to fit the view to the IPO curve.)