Rotating Camera Arouns Object

Hey guys I just wanted to find how I would get a camera to rotate about a sphere 360 degree at the same time being completely consistent. I’ve tried doing it but the camera seems to have some zooming in and then out effect as it rotates. I want it to be completely even the whole way around. Any help would be great.


heres a trick, place the cursor where u want the camera to rotate around and then change the pivot settings to cursor its the second icon to the right from the pull down for object and edit modes ect. then select the cameral and rotate and should rotate around the cursor

I’ve tried this and it still seems to zoom in on the object and zoom out again as it is moving. I’m using ‘LocRot’ to animate, I tried using ‘Rot’ but nothing seems to happen. The camera is ‘Track to constraint’ with the sphere. The object itself is not moving. I tried using the ‘RotZ’ setting in the ‘transform properties’ window nothing seems to happen to the camera in there either. I can manually rotate the camera using the mouse, but accuracy is paramount in the animation. Any other ideas?

i found a new way of doin it from another thread here, add an empty at the point u want to rotate around and parent the empty to the camera and just insert rot keyframe and go up a few frames and do a quarter turn and repeat that till ur all the way around an it should work

If you track camera to empty, you can make the camera rotate in circle (or any path) this way:

  1. Create Bezier Circle.
  2. Select camera, while hitting shift select the created Circle.
  3. Hit ctrl-p and select Follow path.

Note that you can Edit the speed in the IPO curve editor. Select the circle and go to the IPO curve editor. After that select Path as IPO type and hit ctrl-rmb on IPO window to create curve. Add another point to the curve as well in the same way. You can edit the Extend and Interpolation modes in Curve menu.

building upon RANKN67’s method, just make two rot keyframes, then in the IPO, select the keyframes then set the Interpolation to Linear and the Extend Mode to “extrapolation”. Then you can just modify one of the keyframes to make it faster or slower, and no messy curves to get in the way :smiley:

edit: you’d probably have to have the camera set to “track to” the said empty as well… if it wasn’t already.

Thanks guys I used the Bezier circle method and worked perfectly, thanks for your guys help much appreciated. If I have any other problems i’ll be sure to ask.