Rotating circle seesawing


Well I’m creating a stargate at the moment and now I’d like to get some move.
I have an outer circle and an inner circle (this with the symbols).I’m trying to get the inner circle rotating with the IPO-view and LOCROTSCALE (every second a rotation of nearly 45°, 225 frames), and my cursor is always in the middle of the rings. The rings themselves are perfectly round, I assure. And it works, with a little mistake: The inner ring is seesawing!
To illustrade my problem here some pictures.
What can be done?


Maybe your object center is in an odd location. Select your inner ring in object mode and hit ‘Center New’ in the edit buttons. I also happen to be modeling a gate, I’d like to see yours a little closer up if you don’t mind.:slight_smile:

[Edit] Ah, I see the problem now. All of your symbols are seperate objects. You may want to join them into one object to make things a little easier on yourself.:wink: Not all of the symbol object centers are exactly the same distance from the 3D cursor, so when you rotate them with the 3D cursor as the center of rotation you get the wobble. Click an object that you know is perfectly round, and snap the cursor to the object (Shift+S, Cursor to Selection.) Rotate your symbols so they are in the correct locations, then join all of them into one object (ctrl+J.) Then snap the object center of the symbols to the 3D cursor (center cursor.)

So, I don’t really arrive to follow your instructions, and center new only cause chaos (The symbols move down with the upper symbol touching the cursor…

Did you select all of your symbols and hit ctrl+J to join them into one object first? If you keep on having problems maybe you can post the .blend.

Okay, I did Ctrl-J and the cursor to selection, there I noticed that the cursor was not in the center, and when I rotated the cercle withe symbols, it was really seesawing like in the animation, but not so strong, so what to do to get it centered (when I choose selection to center or selection to cursor(in the center) see 2end picture…)


In those pictures the symbols still aren’t merged into one object so you must have missed a step. You can tell because each symbol has an object center (pink dot). Do again what LOTRJ suggested:

Select the ring. Shift-S->Cursor to selection. This puts the 3D cursor in the center of the ring.
Select all the symbols (Shift-RMB). Do Ctrl-J to join them.
In the Editing (F9) buttons->Mesh panel, click Centre Cursor. This moves the symbols’ object center to the cursor, and it now matches the center of the ring as well.

You may also want to switch your pivot point back to Median with the [,] key. Right now your rotations are set to pivot around the 3D cursor.

Ok, there is an another problem, the center seems to be in the upper segment of the ring, there is this pink dot, can’t move it…


center seems to be in the upper segment of the ring

Sorry, I missed that. Select the ring and go to Edit mode. A-key to select all vertices. Shift-S->cursor to selection (will put the 3D cursor in center of the mesh). Tab to object mode, F9->Centre Cursor (moves the pink dot to the 3D cursor).

Now the above steps will work.

sorry people, nothing works, I could post you the blend-file to have a look at, but the problem is, it’s about 10 MB…

No problem, I have broadband. Or are you saying it would be difficult to upload? If you can upload use this host, you don’t even have to zip it or anything because they take all file types.

What part isn’t working?

Ok, here it is:

“Server error. Server with file not found 134926.”

really? well i’ll try again

Here is the fixed file. fixedgate.blend

CD38 will have to explain what I did, I gotta go now.

[Edit] Sorry, here’s the .zip if the above link doesn’t work. link

Both links don’t work
forget it, it works, thanks, but I must disappoint you, it’s like before…

The links seem to be working now…