Rotating input movie clip.

Hi. I am doing a project where i need to track some video. The video has been filmed by a camera rotated 90 degrees as I am climbing a tree.

I found out that there is a new patch in the workings allowing us to rotate the background image or movie clip in the viewport. GREAT!

I thought that I could rotate the actual movie clip in the compositer (or maybe in the movie clip editor) for the final rendering where I need to overlay curves tracking my hands and feet.
It turns out that if I use a rotate or a transform node on the movie clip in the compositor, it only rotates the pixels and not the “frame” (whole image) and I end up with a cropped image at the wrong aspect ration of my final render…

My solution is to first scale it to a square, then rotate it (as it keeps its original aspect ratio), then scale it back again to the intended ration and render a new video clip to then import back in blender…

Is there an easier (integrated in blender) solution?
If not the case: Would it be worth it with an option (tick box in the rotate node maybe) to rotate the full picture and not only the pixels?

Image of situation:

Best regards.

Your solution worked great for me too. :slight_smile:

Good to hear it :slight_smile:
Still annoying workaround though.