rotating object - texture doesnt move


ive a sphere with a material assigned to it.
material (map input is orco/sphere) has two textures(a blackwhite .jpg) which are the same. one time the .jpg influences diffuse, one time it influences normals . if i rotate the sphere, only the normal changes, the diffuse color doesnt rotate…

what i am doing wrong =?
thank you very much

please see attached gfx

It sounds like you may have to select ‘map input: UV’ instead of orco/sphere to make your texture work.

That said, I haven’t any experience with multiple textures per material so it may well be another thing.


hi Bonteburg,

this could be, but since i dont know how to map a world texture to a uv sphere properly i cant change my orco/sphere settings.

anyone has a good way to uv map a world(texture) !
help is appreciated - thanxs

no no, I meant setting the map input to UV - you can do this on your whatsname(?) sphere or on a cube, a plane, anything. I’ve had textures not move before and it was mostly because I’d checked the wrong map input box.

Apologies if I’m misunderstanding you, which is very possible.


now it works, had not both tetxures set to Orco (map input)
one big problem, is that my computer really slows down if i turn shaded on to show the diffuse texture in viewport (get better if i deactivate smooth, and subsurf modifier)

so still searching for a good way to texture mother earth (maybe with uv textures)