Rotating object with a bezier circle...

(_Aorus_) #1

I’m rotating an object by parenting it to a bezier circle and editing the speed IPO for 2 complete rotations. However, the 2nd rotation is incomplete and neither rotation follows what the speed IPO says.
(Sorry for the crude diagram, but i don’t have a website to post a screenshot.)

/| /|
/ | / |
/ | / |
y0_ / |/ |____________

x0    x40  x80

How do I make the second rotation complete? That is, make the object rotate exactly 720 degrees instead of something more like 700 (at x80), which is what is happening now?

Many thanks!

(VelikM) #2

Why are you using the speed IPO?? Why not just set the rotation with a regular rotation IPO? It’s much easier to get the exact rotation you want. I’m just trying to understand what your purpose is.

(_Aorus_) #3

Yah, that seems to work a lot better. Thanks!
Seems like the diagram didn’t work there. :slight_smile:

(haunt_house) #4

speed ipos are good, if you do not want to use a circular path.
If you want circular rotation, just use an empty at the center (this method has no problems with motion-blur.