Rotating object

I have made a Blenderproject, boat with animated sail with (Shape Keys, maybe I need to try with empty) and vertex-parented the boat to the ocean surface. Not that bad result. but I need to change direction on the wave from X to y and put up the lights.

I have 2 problem.
Change the heights from 0.7 to 15, but this dont work. My wave still tiny. I like my boat riding/tilting on top of the wave.

I select everything on the boat and try to rotate my boat at forward in the side - view, but nothing happen. I try inside Pivot window change from 3D Cursor and Bounding Box Center, and also with Chift+S change from Cursor to Center and Cursor for Selection and change everything inside 3D manipulator. Nothing let me rotate my boat to follow the wave down at the front and up at the back. I also try to disconect vertex parenting boat from the oceansurface Alt+P. Still no rotation.

This problem start when I upgrade Blender to latest version 2.58.1 38032.

Inside Preferences + Input I try to select Emulate 3D button and change from Trackball to Turnable. Still no rotating.
I can not rotate anythings, Selected lamps, objects. Nothing

Do you know where the problem is
Thank in advance

I loaded your file, and thought you had some rotation locks on, but you don’t. I was able to rotate the boat : first did a Ctrl+A and clearing Location ( in the properties bar) Then in the properties bar I grabbed the Z rotation and moved the boat.
I don’t know why I can’t move it with the 3D rotate manipulator widget.

Thanks for helping .
Quite suddenly it was possible to rotate all I wanted to with R. Strange things seem to happen sometimes that solves itself.

Still I need help how to get the waves to be higher.


Yes, I know about strange things with Blender. I used to blame this on Blender, when I opened a file and MMB wouldn’t rotate the scene.
I’ve actually tracked it down to a background process that interferes ( I have a LogiTech mouse)
Anyway, there is a great tutorial about the wave modifier – that is what your using, right?
BTW, was really impressed with how your water was textured, it looked great!

anacraiga, thanks for interesting water suface tutorial. I vill try it out. I think I start to remember from Blender 2.49b how to get the object (boat( to tilt on top of the wave.
Instead of selecting the boat and after having been pressed tab and select only (1) vertices do the opposite . Mark water level and mark (3) vertices far apart on the boat then I think the boat follows the wave.
I also have another strange problem . Of no reason disappears my Blend files when I want to open them up and continue to work with them . They are not anywhere in my new iMac . Nor in my Time Machine ( Backup) .

Blender 2.5.8 's still under development so there are certainly bugs that can cause this.