rotating objects

After rotating an object the x,y,z configuration becomes all messed up. For example, if I move the object via the blue(z) arrow the y values start changing on rather than the z…

I’ve realized this happens after rotating in object mode then trying to move things around in edit mode… (i think i’m going to avoid this from now on x.x)

But why? Also, are there any good tutorials on making anime like 3d models? I’ve been searching around but haven’t found anything yet.

I want to confirm… XZ is the flat plane… where Z is inward and outward in blender right? and Y is up and down…

Just a short answer to your last question: No, x and y form the flat plane, whereas the z axis points up.
You can see this easily by switching between front view (Num 1), side view (Num 3) and top view (Num 7)
edit: …while you are in ortographic view (Num 5 if you are in perspective view).