Rotating on Diagonal X,Y axis

I’m trying to flip a plane diagonally (about the x and y axis), but when I set keyframes for the X and Y axis (0-180) it wobbles a lot. After some research, I’ve come to realize that this is normal, but what is the best way to rotate on a diagonal? (I would prefer python script with an explanation if possible)

.blend file attached

Thanks!Diagonal Rotation.blend (462 KB)

Simply orient an empty to the desired angle to the global axes and parent your plane to that - then keyframe rotations of the empty in the Transform Boxes on the empty’s object panel. If you rotate in the view, remember you can use keystroke like R ZZ 20 CR, which will rotate an object about it own local Z axis rather than the global Z axis (CR = Return…).

Cheers, Clock.