Rotating or something...

Alright. I’m making my first 3d model, of a snowman from the tutorial and I kinda went off on my own with it. I’m making a hat for the snowman and I need to figure out how to rotate it or something so it looks straight where I can move it an fit it on the head. Right now, it’s in a weird position and so is the top part of the hat. I couldn’t figure out how to scale it or something to make it straight, anyone know how to do this? I’m almost finished with the Snowman model by the way. I just need to fix his hat and add a few more things. Thanks!

can you show us? Rotating is just the R button on your keyboard.

Thanks…I figured it out lol. I’m almost done with it, I was just wondering how after you save it, convert it to jpeg or any other file format to save and upload to a host or something. I want to do the finishing touches in Photoshop, but I just wanted to know how I would be able to save as a different file format.

When you render it, you can choose to save it in a few different formats. (I personally advise saving as .png if you’re going to be modifying it since it’s lossless and will make later compression look better.) Then when you open the image in PhotoShop, you can just do “Save As” and select the file type and new compression.